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Great - you made it...!

So - whats with the Drill?

Think of going into a hardware store and asking the sales person for a drill...

Drills range in price from less than $20 to $200 - $300 - and a good sales person will ask a few questions about how you want to use the drill.

So questions would include:-

  • How many holes per day do you want to use the drill for...?
  • What are you usually drilling the holes in to...?
  • How many days per week do you need to make the holes...?
  • and so on...

So what the sales person is doing is focusing on the "holes" that the person wants to make - the outcomes of using the drill,

In the same way we see ourselves in the "hole" business - not the drill business. We work with you to identify the outcomes that you want from your online endeavours and implement those - and more importantly show you how you can measure the results from your web based and social media marketing...

This means that working with us is a journey - it's not a destination - we don't just deliver a great web site and then get too busy to answer the phone from you. We offer ongoing training via webinars (2 free hours per month) as well as a newsletter every two weeks full of great web marketing ideas.

We would welcome a chat about how we can help you to use the web as a better tool in your business - see the contact page for getting in touch with us..

Cheers and thanks
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