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Search Engine Optimisation

Having a website is the first step in using the web as a business tool – but it’s no good having a pretty website that isn’t getting found in search engines.

Our search engine optimisation starts with a discussion with you – what do you really want the web site to achieve…?

Who are your customers…? What do they want…? Where are they…?

What are your unique points of difference…?

Working through these questions allows us to form a list of potential key words to use for your web project.

We then research what of those terms are really great to use as base core phrases – and which ones could be great to use as “long tail” search engine bait…?

We can create search engine bait landing pages and know how to use all the latest tools (Google and others) to understand the search engine’s view of your web site.

From this point of view we install tools to measure how we are going – and how people are moving through your web site.

Search engine optimisation requires several levels of work to be undertaken: -

1) As above the “content” or the “targets” of the search engine optimisation needs to be worked out

2) Then content is need to target those key phrases and added into the various pages of the web site

3) The underlying structure of the content management system needs to be “search engine friendly” as possible

4) Lately there’s the way other elements of the web refer to a page or web site. We list your web site on our highly Google Page Ranked web sites as well as ensuring the web site is loaded into Google Local Search and other places on the web.

Some of the common content management systems are not very search engine friendly – our EC Toolset has been developed from the ground up to be search engine friendly and the coding structures that we use enhance the content’s ability to be indexed well in search engines.

We ensure that pages have several “calls to action” on them as search engine optimisation is just the first part to having a successful web site.

If you would like to know more about how to get a working web site for your your business contact us for a free one hour no obligation consultation in your business (or via virtual meeting)

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