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ec Newsletter #50

Greetings from a not so sunny Gisborne and welcome to a new EC Newsletter.

What should your
web site do for visitors….?

A modern website needs to do so much more these days as more web users get comfortable with using the web as a transaction tool.

People are using the web interactively for their banking, to earn money (or rid themselves of unwanted items) through online auctions or to educate themselves and be part of online communities.

In all of these uses of the web people are feeling much more comfortable interacting with web sites then they were only a few years ago.

So what interactions do you offer on your web site…? Are web visitors wanting to interact with your web site and leaving feeling disappointed…?

If I can check my bank account online – & I can check my phone or power bills online – & if I can make comments on peoples blogs or Facebook online – why can’t I pay your invoice online by credit card…?

Maybe I want to query the last invoice I received from you – why can’t I do that online on your web site when it suits me…?

Checking stock levels…? Seeing when you are in the office so I can meet with you…? Seeing what new products or services you are planning…? Let you know how you are doing in a survey…?

Providing some of these “calls to action” doesn’t have to be difficult you can use many of the features of a good content management system (such as the EC Toolset), Blog platforms or other social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and (for the more technical of you) RSS [Geek-speak for really simple syndication – the “glue” that helps send the messages content around the web].

So where to start…? Let’s make a list of some action items that you can work through to provide another level of interaction with your web site and web visitors: -

  1. Make it easy to sign up for regular informative content about what you are doing now – & to keep up to date with your future plans – and offer a free report (Have you got yours yet at www.ec2.co.nz ...?)
  2. Ensure that you have links to your Facebook Business Page & Facebook profile – bonus points of you embed the Facebook widget like on www.mondaymorning.biz
  3. Add Password pages to your web site with another level of information available on request to potential new customers. Make this information passworded so your competitors (and search engines) don’t have easy access to it.
  4. Use personalised pages so that web visitors can arrange the content on a “control panel” from your web site
  5. Allow people to maintain their own membership or customer information in your database
  6. Make it easy for people to buy things from your shopping cart system – but also make it easy for them to be “remembered” by the system the next time they come and buy something
  7. Have comments turned on for your blog – or other project pages where appropriate to invite web visitor feedback
  8. If you use videos (and you should) allow visitors to suggest the video’s to a friend
  9. Allow an easy mechanism to print the information from the web site without all the annoying buttons and headers.

Let us know of other things that you may be doing to help get some interactivity on your web site.

Bonus Tool: -

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Have you seen the E-C Help section lately...?

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That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the ec toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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