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e-c Newsletter #32

ec Newsletter #32


Welcome to new subscribers on the mailing list - I hope you get some great ideas for your web projects from these newsletters - don't forget to send us your feedback and comments.

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I'm involved in a new business too - see www.MondayMorning.biz for online business training & resources.

Business Success Report #1 - Here at EC we are big fans of providing added value to our valued clients like you...

So we thought you might enjoy receiving a special Business Success Report. This is short, easy to read and very positive. We may add an edition every so often like this between our usual newsletters as we feel each will contain a thought provoking idea that you can use to quickly create more sales, profits and success in your business.

Thanks again for being a client. We appreciate it.
The team at EC

In this edition of The Business Success Report there is a wonderful reminder of the ‘Acres of Diamonds’ or great opportunities all around you to be more successful in your business.

The Business Success Report #1 Positive Ideas to improve your business results With the compliments of website Specialists in Contact Details

Acres of Diamonds:

‘The lesson which life repeats and constantly enforces is 'look under foot.' The great opportunity is where you are.’ John Burroughs

In Acres of Diamonds, considered by many to be one of the finest speeches ever written, Russell Conwell tells the story of a man, Al Hafed, who sold his farm to go in search of diamonds.

He travelled the whole world to find them and never did. Then one day by accident the man Al Hafed's sold his farm to found the most magnificent diamond mines in all of the history of mankind in his own back yard.

Russell observed, “acres of diamonds are not in far-away mountains or in distant seas; they are in your own back yard if you will but dig for them."

Regardless of what is going on in the economy there is always opportunity for your business to improve results.

Here are two ways to mine the ‘Acres of Diamonds’ in your own business that you may be overlooking right now:

1: Look for the additional sales you can make with very little effort:

A personal fitness trainer had fast yet fun training methods that produced excellent results for all his clients.

Yet this personal trainer was not offering his clients any other products apart from his personal training services. A marketing consultant suggested he offer his clients additional products like protein powders, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. This made sense so the personal trainer tried it.

Within three months the majority of his clients were now enjoying even better health and fitness after purchasing the supplements he was now offering. And the personal trainer was now making an extra $1,000 a week in new profits.

Action Exercise:

What additional sales could you make in your business with very little effort?

2: Look for simple and inexpensive ways to attract more customers: Sometimes making more sales is as simple as talking to more potential customers about what you sell. And there are a huge number of simple things you can do to attract more customers.

Here’s an interesting way to attract new customers that was both fun and extremely effective:

A hardware shop increased the number of people coming into their store with a fun competition.

They put up a big sign in their window that said: "We guarantee that if you come into our store one of our people will professionally greet and welcome you within 15 seconds. If they don't we will give you $50.00 worth of hardware of your choice free"

People would walk down the street and read this sign. They would stop for a few seconds and then mentally say to themselves “That sounds interesting; I think I will check it out.” So they would walk inside the hardware store to see more about what was going on.

The store had a bell and buzzer on their door that sounded as soon as you went in. One of their salespeople would excuse themselves if they were dealing with a customer by saying something like "Can you just excuse me for 10 seconds" and then walk over to the person and welcome them to the store. "Thank you for coming in today, I'm just with someone else so please feel free to look around. I'll be with you in a moment"

This way the customer was always greeted professionally within 15 seconds of walking in to the shop. Now once the people were in the shop guess what many did? They said to themselves, “Well now that I'm here what can I buy that I might need?” Sales increased dramatically.

Action Exercise:

What simple things can you do this week to attract larger numbers of new customers or clients to your business?

Acres of Diamonds are everywhere in business. You just have to look.

We have some more great ideas in the next month’s edition of The Business Success Report

Until then, have a great month.
The team at EC

Bonus Tool


I really like Ben's thinking - I had the pleasure of meeting him recently in
Auckland and he not only knows his stuff - he's always trying new things...

The book has been collated from his blog posts and represent a great example
of the true worth of a good blog.

Or to put it another way - it shows that some people can get income from
blogging - so why is it free on the link above - I hear you ask...?

Ahh - the true "worth" of social media - see: -


Let Ben - or me know your thoughts....

FREE e-c Toolset Webinars

Free E-C Toolset training Webinars - see www.ectoolset.com/help for date and times.

We have training webinars on alternate Tuesdays to the newsletter so they next one at 9:30am on Tuesday 1st September.

This is in a question and answer format – if you’d like to come long please register on the web site and let us know ideas of what you would like us to cover.

Headphones with a microphone works best to participate but you can simply use your computer speakers and type questions in through the keyboard.

The format of the new E-C Toolset training Webinars is for you - our users - to run the session.

We want to know what you are finding hard to do using the toolset - and we'll step you through how to do it the best most time effective way.

We'll also be taking notes about what you are asking - and will look to improve the process - if there's a better way of achieving the end results - lets all work towards it...!

So do please make the time - we'll try and have these free webinars every two weeks (except where I end up having travel commitments - but I'll be training up the guys to take my place) - and we'll also look at having one after hours every so often - so let us know if you are keen - but can't make it to the 9:30 am webinars.

And if you don't know what a Webinar is - come along every Friday to our "Webinar about Webinars" - everything you need to know about how to participate in a Webinar - and how to hold your own...!

As always - email rus@ectoolset.com with any comments or questions or feedback.

Also as everyone talks with clients - tell them we have the sessions every Tuesday - it's on the off week with the newsletter - so one week newsletter - next webinar and so on...

Have you seen the E-C Help section lately...?

It is available at www.ectoolset.com/help/

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That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the e-c toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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