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ec Newsletter #47


Greetings from a sunny Gisborne and welcome to a new EC Newsletter,

I had a great time in Rotorua last week – thanks to all that came to the two seminars I spoke at and welcome to all of the new subscribers to the newsletter.

Our contact details are at the bottom of this email as is unsubscribe information – please do let us know what you think of this newsletter or click here for the past ones.

Getting better engagement with your customers using the web

Better engagement with customers equals less customer “churn” and a friendlier and trustworthy relationship with your customers.

Having happy customers encourages you to interact with them more often and for them to do the same with your business.

In the past the web was seen as a “faceless” & “emotionless” medium but has now emerged as a great way to position your business as an authoritative source of information for your customers and to really show your customers that you want to add value to the relationship.

Being perceived as a “commodity” provider where price matters more then service is a road to ruin – once you start playing in a discounted world then things get very tight very quickly.

Adding real value to your clients will ensure they keep coming back for more – and that they will become your raving fans and spread the word about your company.

Here are some ideas for increasing the engagement for your company on the web: -

  • Send a regular Newsletter – just like this one. We get great feedback about our newsletters (let us know your feedback by hitting reply…!) and this method of staying in touch has been recommended since before the web began. Use the inbuilt Email system in the EC Toolset or a commercial system such as http://bit.ly/bGkgzG
  • Use passworded areas on your web site for pre-sales inquiries (so you don’t give away all your intellectual property to your competitors) or for regular customers to “self service” and that passworded area actually becomes part of the service delivery that you provide.
  • Have a regular Blog – just like the one at http://bit.ly/dD0UHR Post information and links to interesting and useful information. The EC Toolset can be used for this or a specialised blog platform such as http://bit.ly/9yJKfc.
  • Promote your Delicious feed like the one at http://bit.ly/c78mZ1 This is a great positioning tool – and lets you be the “information aggregator” for your customers
  • Set up and use a Twitter account for your business with latest news and help information – like http://bit.ly/9PiXJU
  • Set up and use a Facebook Business Page to keep in touch with those customers that live in Facebook – like: -
  • Host regular interactive webinars asking your customers what they wish to talk about – see http://bit.ly/9wEjCj for our regular help webinars

A key to decide which tools to use for this is about acknowledging your comfort level in using these tools as well as knowing which tools your clients are using.

Let us know if there’s anything that you would like covered in future Newsletters and let us know what you think of this one by clicking reply…!

Bonus Tool


Although not really a tool – this is a great site to pick up inspiration for making sense of complex things.

My favourites

Scary Clowns: - http://bit.ly/9rJovY
Boys do Cry: - http://bit.ly/cSmh6V
Like today for example: - http://bit.ly/aCdMIi

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That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the ec toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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