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ec Newsletter #46

Greetings from Gisborne!

Welcome to another EC Newsletter - "Hi" to everyone new on the list and I hope everyone's Easter went well with the traditional overdose of all things chocolate..

The past Newsletters can be found here our contact details are below as is the unsubscribe information at the bottom.

Today's newsletter is entitled:-

If you've got it - flaunt it...!

Leveraging the income on your web sit is a constant job – getting people to visit and then act on the calls to action means a better return on your original investment and can turn a cost center into a profit center.

Your time is also expensive – if you’ve been following our other newsletters then you know how hot we are for using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

Do you let lots of people know that you are blogging or on Facebook or that you are tweeting…?

We’ve just seen the “tree-ware” version of the yellow Pages released in Gisborne – and I’m afraid to say there are a couple of local businesses that haven’t added their web site address.

This is a real fail as a web site can tell a potential customer so much more than a small block ad in print – you should have your web site displayed on every printed advert that you create.

I know of several people who are starting to use Facebook, Twitter and Blogs – and they don’t have a link from their web site…!

Again this is a fail as many users of social media would love to also find you on their platform of choice – but if they arrive at your web site first – how would they know you were active on the social media tools…?

Having more traffic to your online efforts allows you to better engage with your visitors or get more click-throughs to your web sites call to action or setting yourself as a thought leader in your field.

If you have a “front-of-house” or office or retail space where customers come and visit make sure you have a sign on the wall that lets people know that you are using Facebook and to encourage them to friend you.

(We’ll soon have some of these available to purchase – so stay tuned…!)

And of don’t forget all these other places to ensure you have your web address: -

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Thank you cards
  • Business forms (especially your “thank you” test on your invoices)
  • Fax cover sheets
  • Radio ads
  • Print ads
  • Billboards
  • Yellow Pages
  • Press releases
  • As part of classified ads you place
  • During any type of free media exposure
  • Community sponsorships
  • Local business directories
  • Word of mouth – To prospects and customers
  • Brochures
  • Sales literature – especially “Special Reports”
  • Displays at your Chamber of Commerce or local group and association locations
  • Displays at other businesses
  • Cork boards at your grocery store, coffee shop, library, gym, etc…
  • On promotional items (hats, t-shirts, magnets, pens, etc…)
  • Your store window
  • After-hours voice mail
  • Event and conference signage
  • Permanent outdoor signage
  • On company vehicles
  • On out-of-office company equipment
  • On Company Uniforms
  • Car door magnet
  • Window Stickers or bumper stickers
  • In Local Guest books
  • Your number plate

Do you have any other ideas…? Let us know on Facebook…!

Let us know if you’d like to know more about getting a fresh new look for your existing web site or if you would like to know more about web site marketing using social media tools.

Don't forget our free training every second Tuesday and do please reply to this email to let us know what you would like to cover in future newsletters,

I'm in Rotorua next Monday - and there's some space still available for the "Social Media for Real Business Returns" seminar - see the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce web site for more details...

Have a great week,



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Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

(You may need to sign up for a free Google Adwords username and password – but do use your existing Google account if you have one)

Say Hi to the “Google Keyword Tool” – use it to get some ideas for the key words that you should be optimising your web site for.
Simply type in a couple of the key phrases that you think that your ideal customer would type into a search engine to find you – then let Google do the rest…!

(Hint – under the “Advanced
Selections” option select the New Zealand option for the country selection if you are after only NZ based customers)

Try it – enter “web design” and on a new line “web site design” then click the “Get Keyword Ideas” button then the “Add keywords” button
(I had to also use the “Views” dropdown box to get anything to display at first...)

You’ll then see a list of terms with various items listed in columns – here’s what some of them mean: -
“Competition” – this is the number of web pages that Google knows about that are trying to get found for the same phrase – you want less here rather than more...

“Monthly Searches” – this is where you see the difference in how NZ’ers use the web vis. The Global community – see the difference between: -
"Web Design" and "Web Site Design" as search phrases
Proportionally more NZ’ers use the term “web site design” then “web design”

“Local Search Trends” – this shows you how the term is trending – see what’s happening with “internet marketing”...!
“Estimated CTR” – click the heading to order by this field – this is what Google thinks is the best “click through ratio”. Although in our case we probably wouldn’t go with many of the top terms as the phrases are not our target market.

“Estimated Daily Clicks” – this shows the estimated number of clicks that could come through if you follow the recommendation of paying the “Estimated Average Cost per Click” (CPC). As you’ll see some of these are quite small numbers of clicks for quit a high CPC and often not our target audience.

There's a lot of information here - let us know if you'd like help understanding it - or register for our next free training webinar and we can go over the tool using your details as examples...

Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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