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ec Newsletter #43

Greetings from Sunny Gisborne!

When to start using social media in your business…

Using social media for your business can lead to great results – more customers and more profits…!

The web abounds with examples of new businesses leveraging the social media tools such as Facebook, Blogs or Twitter – click over to the Social Media examiner http://bit.ly/buPed6 or Mashable http://bit.ly/9zztlt for lots of ideas and examples.

Some industries have embraced social media as a relationship marketing tool and if you find your competitors already using this – then you will need to look at using the tools – just to be competitive.

If you don’t engage with the social media tools – and your competitors are – then chances are that you’ll be left behind unless you engage with the social media tools and use them better than your competitors.

You can use tools such as Google Alerts http://bit.ly/9a9dkH to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing online – and you should also be watching for mentions about your own company…!

So once you’ve found what your competitors are up to start to register for the various free social media tools that you wish to explore using for your business.

Consume before broadcasting – by this I mean you can use many of the social media tools as a great source of information – before you decide to use them to broadcast your own information.

Follow thought leaders and your “peers” that are doing social media well – maybe you can find similar businesses to yours but in other more advanced markets such as the US or Europe.

Twitter is probably the easiest tool to engage with – and it’s pretty easy to stop using if you don’t see the returns – factoid over 50% of new twitter uses stop using twitter within 6 months.

I’d recommend using tweetdeck http://bit.ly/dCCzFu as a tool to keep rack of the twitterverse as this can be used to set up various key word searches – much like Google Alerts and also allow you to manage multiple twitter accounts.

Blogs are also an easy tool to get started with – and most blog platforms (we recommend using http://bit.ly/9yJKfc) allows you to use it in “stealth mode” before releasing to the world.

In this way you can “practice” being a blogger and invite just your close friends to read your thoughts rather than the whole wide world.

This also means that when you “go live” with your blog and link it to your web site and promote in your email signature file there is already some great blog posts in there.

When you are in the mood to create blog posts – create several at a time and store them as a library to refer to when your muse has run dry.

You can use tools such as http://bit.ly/d7FKMT to transfer the blog posts to your web site or to push each blog post to your twitter account.

Your business will get most out of using social media if you put more time into using the tools – but we know how daunting this can be in an already busy business.

Time is the killer of many social media attempts and we can help solve this issue with our regular maintenance contract service.

Contact us if you’d like to know about how we can help you use social media in your business…


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You would have noticed the links through-out the newsletter all use bit.ly – this is a free service called a “URL Shortener”.
This allows you to take a long domain name and make it short – see the below example:


gets changed to...


Now the really great thing about this service is that you can add a “+” sign to the bit.ly address and see reports about the activity through the link – try it:

http://bit.ly/aIZXAk+ You can use bit.ly addresses in printed material too (just like Netguide does) as well as in your social media such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs

Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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