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ec Newsletter #42

Hello and welcome to this issue of the EC Newsletter!

We’ve got something a little different this newsletter – a great business tip from my friend Graham McGregor’s The Business Success Report.

We trust you get some helpful ideas from reading it – and please let me know what you think be replying or seeing our contact page.

We’ll alternate these reports with my thoughts – some of you have said you would like a change…! I’ll still add a small great idea targeted just the web below and there’s still a great tool to try below as well.

Avoid ‘Copycatitis’

By Graham McGregor

“There's a way to do better... find it.” Thomas Edison

One of the biggest barriers to better results in any business is what we call ‘Copycatitis’. This is a made up word that means you look at what everyone else in your industry is doing and you do things pretty much the same as all these other businesses. So you offer similar products and services at similar prices to all your competitors.

This is NOT the way to get remarkable business results.

If you want fantastic business results the secret is to spend a few minutes every day looking for a ‘Better Way’ to do things in your business.

Start by asking questions like these:

1: ‘How can I reduce my customer’s fear of making a mistake when they buy my products or services?

When you come up with answers to this question you often experience huge increases in sales. All of us have had the experience of making a bad purchase somewhere. The product or service didn’t work, caused problems and other people criticised us for our purchase.

This felt uncomfortable so we don’t what it to happen again. This means we are all a little bit reluctant to spend money on any product or service in case we make a mistake.

The Unique Guarantee:

A pest control service used this idea well. They would offer a commercial pest control service (insects, rats, fleas etc) for restaurants and hotels. They added a unique guarantee to their service. Firstly if the hotel or restaurant lost a booking because of a problem with pests, the pest control company would pay for that lost booking.

If the hotel or restaurant was ever closed down by a health inspector for a pest problem, the pest control company would reimburse them for any lost revenue they might have had. The guarantee went on to cover 10 other points.

This pest control company is twice as expensive as anyone else in their field. They also have 80% market share in every area they go into. Best of all they have a simple insurance policy that covers them for any money they might have to pay out. All they have done is dramatically reduce the customer’s fear around paying for their pest control service and it not working.

2: ‘How can I get more clients to tell their friends about my business?’

We all know that positive word of mouth marketing is a great way to get new customers.

The Unexpected Pot Plant

An appliance shop uses this idea very well. Ten days after they make a sale of an appliance to a customer they send out by courier a little pot plant and a handwritten thank you note. (This costs the shop about $10.) Their customers love the unexpected gift and end up telling lot’s of their friends about this wonderful little appliance shop.

3: ‘How can we make our product or service look far more attractive than our competitor’s product or service?

The Bank that Promised Speed:

A major bank did a series of marketing campaigns that guaranteed to new clients that they would never have to wait in line at a bank branch for more than 5 minutes.

If a customer did have to wait more than 5 minutes in a line; the bank would give them free bank fees for a year.

A large number of new clients liked the idea of not having to wait in a line for more than 5 minutes; so they opened new accounts.

Now the bank had carefully measured the time their clients actually stood in a line while waiting for a bank teller.

They found that 95% of the time it was under 5 minutes. It just seemed longer than that to the people that were waiting.

Action Exercise:

Write down 20 answers to any of these three ‘Better Way’ questions. Then put into practice at least one answer.

For helpful ideas and information on doing business better feel free to contact Graham at Twomac Consulting Limited.

Website: www.twomac.co.nz
Email: graham@twomac.co.nz
Mobile: 021-222-6992

New EC Toolset Feature

By Russell Holland

If you use the News or Events Calendar component in the EC Toolset you can now publish these as an RSS feed.

You don’t need to know what RSS stands for (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summery – more info http://bit.ly/bCKI35 ) but it’s the “glue” that provides ways for web sites to post information to other web tools.

So what this means for you is that you can offer your news or calendar items into a visitors RSS Feed Reader – and more importantly (and usefully) directly into a web visitors email box.

RSS transfers your latest News or Events item to the visitors email – without you having to do anything else.

So once set up using a tool like www.feedburner.com (a Google owned company) it’s “set and forget”

Let us know if you’d like to know more about RSS feeds for your news and events here...

Russell is speaking at the following events in the coming months:

Rotorua: Monday 22 February - Social Media for Business - Contact Rotorua Chamber www.rotoruachamber.co.nz for details

Gisborne: Thursday 25 February - Social Media for Busin.ess - Contact www.ec2.co.nz/events/ for details.

Tauranga: Tuesday 30th March - "Meet the Experts - Building your Business in 2010" Full Day Seminar - Venue Tauranga Chamber of Commerce - More Details TBA.

The Coromandel: 11th to 14 May - Venues TBA Contact Hauraki Enterprise Agency for details.

Don’t forget our free webinar training every second Tuesday and do please let us know what you think of the Newsletter and our service...


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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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