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ec Newsletter #41

Greetings from Sunny Gisborne!

New Logo, New Look & Services

Having been around a while (since 1995…!) means that we carry a lot of baggage on our web site and in our web sites content.

Starting a New Year with a new brand (thanks Tony at Fineline Creative) also gives us an opportunity to revisit everything that we do.

I’d recommend this process to everybody who is thinking that they need to get a fresh approach in their business life this year.

Committing to a new look also means re-visiting the content on your web site and in our case, it was the ideal time to let everyone know about our new services.

Having an “old” or outdated brand (and web site “look”) means that people start looking where the grass seems greener – the more vibrant (dare I say 'newer') web sites are getting the eye balls that your web site should have got.

We’ve always been hot on getting real returns from a web site project – and we now follow that on with a range of “Web Marketing” services.

These include real traffic building search engine optimisation – by creating great search engine friendly content – and it also adds to the web sites content by using the latest in social media tools to build up your “tribe” of followers.

We have several customers now using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs and getting some real measurable results.

Now is a great time to get a new look for your web site – and to go over the existing content to ensure that it is still correct for the direction that your company is going this year.

With the EC Toolset a new look is easy to change over and the ability to integrate with tools like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs could be done at the same time.

To change the content on your existing web site you can use the EC Toolset to edit the pages and check page by page that the Search Engine Optimisation is correctly done too.

All of this can be accomplished reasonably easily without a huge cost and gives a great reason for you to then contact your customer base and ask them for feedback on the new look and new information.

Let us know if you’d like to know more about getting a fresh new look for your existing web site or if you would like to know more about web site marketing using social media tools.


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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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