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e-c Newsletter #37

ec Newsletter #37

Greetings from sunny Gisborne!

Welcome to new subscribers on the mailing list - I hope you get some great ideas for your web projects from these newsletters - don't forget to send us your feedback and comments.

The past Newsletters can be found here; our contact details are below as is the unsubscribe information at the bottom.

I'm involved in a new business too - see www.MondayMorning.biz for online business training & resources.

Web Developers Value versus Cost…

Are you thinking about the real “value” you get from your web developer…?

Are you feeling like that monthly hosting invoice just isn’t worth it…? Or are you being slowly seduced by another web developer that looks better then your current one…?

Here’s how to really get the relationship growing and prospering between you and your web developers…

Having a new web site created with a new developer can be a fraught experience – getting your existing web site from the current developer can also be a painful one as you find out what is “yours” and what is “theirs”…

Not involving your web developer in your business or product planning can result in a less than successful result – or at worst possibly a failure of a new product or service to get traction into a particular market.

So compare the “value” that you receive from the relationship – it’s not the “cost” of the ongoing commitment that you make with a web developer – a great web developer can add to the experience that your customers receive when they visit your web site.

Having a positive relationship with your web developer is like adding money into bank account each and every month – either through direct income from your web site – or spin off effects such as increased customer retention rates – or more hot leads coming into the top of your sales funnel.

Having frequent email chats or real world conversations with your web developer helps build the relationship that you have with them – all switched on developers want you to succeed on the web and so you do share common goals.

Your web developer should have created more web sites then you have – perhaps not in your specific peer group but hopefully within your industry – listen to them – ask them questions and ask for their opinions on what you are doing – you will get much better results with a collaborative approach then simply telling them what you think you want them to do.

Schedule a regular meeting with your web developer in the quiet period of your business or just before you are about to undertake some strategic planning for the coming year.

Get used to having your web developer ask you questions about your business over time as they learn how to maximise your use of the web as a business tool.

Make sure you subscribe to your web developers newsletter, perhaps follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (if they use those social media tools) and even more importantly if you don’t know how these tools work – ask – that could be the first discussion of many that you have of a great rewarding collaborative journey.

You are reading this as a client ours – or maybe an ex-client (there’s not really many of those) or because you have attended a seminar that I have spoken at or visited our (sadly outdated) web site.

I hope the relationship you have with your web developer is a good one – I apologise if that web developer is us – please reply to this email and let’s start talking about how we can be of more help to you…!

Bonus Tool

www.mindmeister.com I’ve been a big fan of mind mapping as a collaborative approach to a project for many years and this online tools allows 5 free maps for you and your invitees to create, contribute on and distribute.

It has an advertising based revenue structure at the free level but the ads are never too obtrusive or in the way.

You can print your mind maps or turn them into PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) files to distribute to others.

It’s a great tool and we are using more and more with our projects.

FREE e-c Toolset Webinars

Free E-C Toolset training Webinars - see www.ectoolset.com/help for date and times.

We have training webinars on alternate Tuesdays to the newsletter so they next one at 9:30am on Tuesday 10th of November.

This is in a question and answer format – if you’d like to come long please register on the web site and let us know ideas of what you would like us to cover.

Headphones with a microphone works best to participate but you can simply use your computer speakers and type questions in through the keyboard.

The format of the new E-C Toolset training Webinars is for you - our users - to run the session.

We want to know what you are finding hard to do using the toolset - and we'll step you through how to do it the best most time effective way.

We'll also be taking notes about what you are asking - and will look to improve the process - if there's a better way of achieving the end results - lets all work towards it...!

So do please make the time - we'll try and have these free webinars every two weeks (except where I end up having travel commitments - but I'll be training up the guys to take my place) - and we'll also look at having one after hours every so often - so let us know if you are keen - but can't make it to the 9:30 am webinars.

And if you don't know what a Webinar is - come along every Friday to our "Webinar about Webinars" - everything you need to know about how to participate in a Webinar - and how to hold your own...!

As always - email rus@ectoolset.com with any comments or questions or feedback.

Also as everyone talks with clients - tell them we have the sessions every Tuesday - it's on the off week with the newsletter - so one week newsletter - next webinar and so on...

Have you seen the E-C Help section lately...?

It is available at www.ectoolset.com/help/

We've also archived these newsletters at www.ectoolset.com/news/

That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the e-c toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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