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e-c Newsletter #9

ec Newsletter #9

Hello from sunny Gisborne,

I hope it's been spring where you are - Gisborne has been great...

(Sorry I couldn't resist starting with good news...!)

Welcome to all our new subscribers - especially those from the Coromandel where I enjoyed meeting many new business owners at the Hauraki Enterprise Training Seminars.

Thanks to the existing (and soon to be new) customers that took advantage of our free 6 month hosting offer for referrals - see below - it's still available.

A great topic today - please forward this Newsletter to others in your company or to other business owners if you think they will enjoy it...

Today's topic:
Deciding on the "value" of a link - all about Google Page Rank

Are you finding it difficult to judge "value" when you are asked for links from other web sites...?

Google Page Rank (GPR) is found on the Google Tool bar - a free download from Google.com that can be installed into Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox (but not Google Chrome...?)

This shows us what score out of ten Google thinks of a pages value or worth. So highly reputable and useful web sites such as news.bbc.co.uk or cnn.com have a GPR of 10

A good small business web site should have a GPR between 3 - 5

If you have lots of links to your web site from low GPR pages this can pull your pages down while boosting those other low pages.

Having lots of high GPR web pages linking to your web site bring human traffic in the form of "click-throughs" and Google will use the GPR of a web page as part of the main ranking algorithm

So a higher GPR ranking page should be displayed in the search results for any term above a low GPR ranking page - with everything else being equal.

Getting a higher Google GPR can be difficult - as the page first has to be found by Googlebot (the Google Search Engine Robot)

We see many web sites created by other designers that have design elements that prevent the Googlebot from finding sub pages in a web site - such as fly-out (AKA. dynamic or Javascript) menus.

If Googlebot can't get to a page it can't give it a GPR and you won't find that page in the Google Search Results at all.

So there are two main steps to improving your web pages GPR:

  1. Make sure that all pages can be reached by the Googlebot

  2. Ensure that you have lots of inbound links with a high GPR into your pages - especially to the content pages not just your Home Page

We use several "portal" web sites that have a high GPR to link to our customers web sites and this is part of the service that we provide free of charge.

Watch out in your traffic reports for www.BayofPlenty.co.nz, www.CoromandelOnline.com www.EdgeNZ.com as well as www.e.co.nz and www.webfoot.co.nz.

We also encourage our customers to engage in reciprocal linking with web sites that can give them value and especially ask the site that would link to you to use some nice search engine friendly key words as the clickable link.

So to really get great value from a link on a third party web site have something like "Click for great web design that works" rather than just "www.ectoolset.com"

*Note - each page on your web site will have a different GPR with the most popular (normally the Home Page) having the highest.

Bonus Tool


Google Alerts is a free service which works like a good old fashioned newspaper clipping service.

You create a new account and enter various search phrases into the Google Alerts service - when the Googlebot finds new pages that contain that text you'll receive an email containing a link to the web page.

This is great for keeping up to date of what is being said about your company, your brands or your key staff.

It's also great for keeping up to date with your peers (AKA your competitors) or your key customers...

Bonus "Bonus Offer"

We need new clients for the rest of this year...! Who do you know that needs a new web site that really works...?

If you refer a new client to us until the end of December we'll give you (and them) six months of free web hosting when we launch their new web site - just ensure that they let us know you referred them...

If you like these newsletters then please do forward it onto a friend...

Have you seen the E-C Help section lately...?

It is available at www.ectoolset.com/help/

We've also archived these newsletters at www.ectoolset.com/news/That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the e-c toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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