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e-c Newsletter #3

ec Newsletter #3

Gudday from Gisborne,

Welcome to the next e-c newsletter to all the existing freinds and customers and a very warm welcome to all new subscribers.

This Newsletter goes out every second Tuesday and unsubscribe details are at the bottom.

Feel free to pass this on if you think it contains value.

Keeping up to date

I'm pleased to be a part of three free internet seminars in the North Island next month. Sorry to our South Island customers and friends - I'm trying to organise an event for you soon...!

Internet Unmasked Event Details:-

Tuesday 1st July - Rotorua - 8:30am - Rotorua Convention Centre West Room
Wednesday 2nd July - Tauranga - 8:30am - Hotel Armitage Washington Room (9 Willow St)
Thursday - 3rd July - Gisborne - 8:30am - Tairawhiti Polytechnic Auditorium

More details and registrations at www.unmasked.co.nz

These follow on from the Internet Unmasked book launch in Auckland a month or two ago where I was MC for the day - we had great fun and had lots of positive feedback with the quality of the free content - don't miss out - book now...!

Feature Article

Are you finding creating web content difficult...?

Some of our clients have had problems creating web content - either for the original set up of the web project or ongoing to build the web site over time.

New Zealanders are normally described as being quite reserved when asked to talk about ourselves - so this is a national trait that could be holding us all back in our online endeavours.

Good web content engages your audience - without frequently updated web content your web site will not be visited as often by search engine robots - so new content won't get into the search engines databases and visitors that come back after a period of time to find the content the same may never come back again...!

Getting good consistent traffic to your web site leads to more sales or sale enquiries through your web site.

Having an informed client base allows you to receive a bigger income per customer - especially if you have seasonal or special offers to market.

With a set up of a new project we need to have great content that removes all the buying objections a visitor to your web site may have.

So when you describe a product for your web site think of describing it to a blind person that can't also touch the product - describe it's size, shape, colour and how it is boxed or shipped.

If the product was a liquid you describe the container it comes in - is it easy pour or easy to measure from - some of this description then becomes sales points in their own right.

For a service describe who would use the service - what other names does the services come under...?

How do you deliver the service that displays your "unique selling point" - that thing that you do that no one else in your industry does.

Remember to also cover the "competitive selling point" - those things that you do that the customer expects every provider to have - just you do it better...!

For adding content to a web site over time - use "time bound" information to add latest news kind of information.

What new products or services do you have - or planning to have...? What wins have you had, trade shows attended (or planned)...?

You may even add the "out of office" things that you have been doing - perhaps how the school team has been doing that you coach or what community or church activities that you have been a part of - all of this information makes you "real" and allows your web visitors to find common ground before they contact you.

As most of you know with the E-C Toolset you can create as many pages as you need for your web site - we don't limit the number of pages you can use - we encourage you to have as many pages as possible so that those pages use search engine friendly key words and you have better results from the web project.

We can also help tweak web content either as a paid service or as a simple look over and make recommendations for you to make any changes.

Contact the team at E-C if you would need a refresher on how to add pages to your web site.

End Feature Article

Bonus Tool

Not quite a tool this newsletter - but a very helpful marketing resource - sign up for the email alerts from Seth Godin at http://sethgodin.typepad.com/

Seth has written numerous books - with the last two being made from his edited blog posts. So simply enter your email address into the place indicated and receive fantastic leading edge marketing thoughts daily.

Bonus Bonus Tool:-

Don’t forget we have a Help section available at www.ectoolset.com/help

Take a moment to see if there's anything new to learn...!

Look out for:- We'll be launching a new e-community portal for our customers where I'll post new article content as well as useful links, eBooks and ultimately training videos too.

Free Gift

Here's a great book about Adwords - one of the better ones I've found you can download it from the links at top right of www.RussellSays.com

That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the e-c toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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