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e-c Newsletter #12

ec Newsletter #12

Hello from sunny Gisborne,

Welcome to the next E-C Newsletter and an especially warm welcome to the new people on the list - you'll find past newsletters here.

Today's topic:
Increasing your revenue using the web as a business tool

Let's not mention the "R" word - if we focus on things that we are doing well and still give great service then we probably won't even notice.

This is the second article in the series of how to combat the "R" word situation we find ourselves in - see our Newsletter Lists for the last one - "Reducing your costs by using the web as a business tool".

It is important to ensure that your web site is being used to maximum benefit at any time to ensure that you are leveraging the visit of a person into revenue - not just when the media tells us we are in a "recession" - opps sorry didn't mean to mention the "R" word - it just slipped in...!

Once you have a web site with a content management system there is no other cost apart from your time to increase the revenue possibilities from it.

Every business can do with extra revenue - not just during this period of "contraction" (another great word). Imagine having a larger bottom line - just by following the ideas set out below.

Increasing revenue in your day to day business operations is always smart - lets look at some of the ways you can use a web site to increase the revenue you receive from the web site...

  • Ensure your web site is up to date with your latest products and contact your suppliers to see what new products are coming on stream shortly.

    Your web site could be the first place people can buy the new products or services from - what a great point of difference...!

  • Have more calls to action on the web site to increase conversion rates with your existing visitor numbers. Have a look at your web site statistics - is the most popular page also your "pitch page" - if it isn't make it into one...!

  • Overseas studies have shown that increasing the usability of your web site has a positive effect on the number of sales - so check your web site with a critical eye - are there things you can do better to reduce the number of clicks required to purchase or enquire...?

  • You may use your web site to Test Market Products / Service Ideas without committing to producing them. This can work really well with a direct email database sending people to a web page that isn't in search engines (because you perhaps wouldn't want anyone thinking you really did offer the product or service before you were ready) and test the response.

  • Locate other suppliers of other products that you know your clients need. We are looking at a range of hardware products to offer as we know many of our clients love gadgets...! Are there some synergised products from another supplier that you could also sell on your web site...?

  • Create your own knowledge products - ebooks, videos, software products to sell. This is a real growth industry and something that we have helped a couple of our customers to achieve. You know something that someone out there on the web would pay for - an ebook can be easy to write and to distribute. (Talk to us if you want more info...!)

  • Affiliate selling of other people's knowledge products - maybe the thought of creating your own ebook is a little daunting - there are many authors that offer affiliate schemes to help sell their products. Check out www.clickbank.com for a market leader.

  • If you have quite a lot of traffic (say over 200 - 300 per day) then Google Adsense can be a gentle little earner for you. A special interest or portal web site is best to set up if you want to capture people's interest - especially do this if your industry isn't represented that well on the web by anybody yet - claim the space as yours...!

  • Another option for a busy web site is Banner ads - these come in many shapes and sizes many of which are standardised now.

Special Unique Offer

if you have a product or service you would like to feature on our E-C Admin Page [11,500 views per week] - please contact us - only a single offer will be available each week)


  • A better way to start off gaining income from a web site is to consider selling Sponsorship of sections of your web site. This works best for a special interest portal or non-profit web site but could work for a commercial site if you picked the right sponsor.

  • Having a Membership Area on your web site for existing customers can easily be turned into a valuable place in its own right. If members are getting real value from using the information within the passworded area consider marketing access to that information on a subscription basis.

  • Consider offering Consulting or Mentoring Services to other entities within your industry - this option works well if you want to exit your business shortly (or just have ;-) but can work to new entrants into your industry. Choose those entities that don't directly compete of course either via a geographical change or market level segment change.

The E-C Toolset is easy to use for the above ideas to get more revenue using your web site and to grow new pages and sections over time.

Contact us on the numbers below if you need some help in integrating these revenue ideas into your web site...

Bonus Tool


Just as powerful as many of the top end graphic design tools this free tool does require registration and also allows you to add photos from various online sources such as Flickr or Picasa.

Have fun with some of the image manipulation effects - really great...!

Bonus "Bonus Offer"

We need new clients for the rest of this year...! Who do you know that needs a new web site that really works...?

If you refer a new client to us until the end of December we'll give you (and them) six months of free web hosting when we launch their new web site
- just ensure that they let us know you referred them...

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That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the e-c toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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