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ec Newsletter #51

Back to basics – where to get great links to your web site…

ec Newsletter #51

Greetings from a sunny Gisborne and welcome to a new EC Newsletter.

Google has changed recently – it’s not really a single search engine any more – the results we now see come from 6 or 7 different sources and the algorithm that Google uses to rank pages has also undergone a major change.

One of the 280 odd elements of the Google algorithm used to rank its search results is the number and quality of inbound links to your web site.

(As an aside on the new ways that Google has changed – see this great article: - http://bit.ly/howtorankhighingoogle)

There are many authoritative web sites that you can create a great profile on, list your products and services next to the profile and add the all important link to your web site.

I’ve talked about this theme many times before – you could have the best web site in the world – but if it is not found near the top of search engines for a big list of key words then it really isn’t working for you at all.

Great search engine prominence – directly equates with visitor numbers to your web site – which directly equates with increased outcomes for the web project.

More customers, more people on your direct email list – or more people making the phone ring more with sales enquiries.

Having a web site that is a profit center rather then a cost center makes sense in today’s connected world.

Having the ability to reach out to new markets with new digital products is the smart way of doing business online.

Here’s a list of some the various places to get links to your web site: -

  • Your local Chamber of Commerce or other business association that you belong to. Use to position yourself amongst your peers – and to also showcase your products and services
  • Joint Venture Partners or Supplier web sites. Contact them and ask for links to your web site with a list of the products or services near the link in the text of the page to really maximise the values of the link
  • LinkedIn – Enter your Company Details into the profile and encourage past and present staff to add themselves to the Company listing. You can also create a Group for your company, enter company details into the Group details and encourage your customers and other stakeholders to join. This propagates your Company name through more profiles on the LinkedIn web site.
  • Twitter – Even if you only want to follow some thought leaders on Twitter – ensure that you use great search engine friendly key words in your company profile and a link to your main web site. You can also Tweet about your company with links to your web site with any special offers or events that are happening. Remember to add value to the discussion though and avoid just having full on blatant sales pitches.
  • Facebook – Create a Facebook Profile for your company – and use that Profile to create a Facebook Business Page for your company. Post items of interest to your Business Page and those posts are also available for people to view on your wall under the Profile.
  • Blogs – Create a Blog (or more then one if you have several industries that you service) and use the Blog posts to talk about a single benefit to using your products or services. Point to the sub page of your web site that showcases the particular product or service rather than just at your home page.
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Picasa and other file sharing web sites. Use these web sites to host your movies and still photos and ensure that you have links to your home page as well as to any sub pages within your web site for specific products or services. Videos placed in YouTube in particular are being displayed in the Google Search Results near the top – great for making a positive impression.
  • Google Places – used to be called Google Local Search. Add your place of business to the Google Online Maps along with a description, opening hours, methods of payment as well as the all important link to your web site. See http://local.google.com/ to add your business.

We try and link all of our customers in this various places but if we haven’t they are easy to add links details yourself.

Contact us if you’d like help in adding your web site to any of these places.

Bonus Tool:

One of the questions we get asked often is about programs for editing photos for your web site.

Photos taken from many digital cameras are way too large to be used in a web page so you always need to reduce the file size of the image and often crop the main part of the image so that it looks great.

Here’s a great list of 20 online image editors – and many of them are free to use…


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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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