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e-c Newsletter #2

ec Newsletter #2

Gudday from Gisborne,

Apologies if you got a double up of this email - even the pros get it wrong...!

Welcome to the next e-c newsletter to all the existing freinds and customers and a very warm welcome to all the new subscribers.

Feel free to pass this on if you think it contains value.

Keeping up to date

Nearly half way through the year - wow - that happened fast...!

I've had a great time in the last few weeks talking with a couple of our customers about how to undertake some of their "real world" business processes via their web site.

The aim is to work smarter not harder and to get the outputs from the web site to move into the core parts of the businesses to reduce staff time, reduce introduced errors and to better our customers customers...

Once we have signed off on these projects I'll be able to tell you all about them - but meantime if there is something more that your web site could be doing in the order taking or re-ordering process then contact us and I'll come and chat about it for no cost but your time....

Feature Article

Paying for traffic to your web site using Google Adwords

Are you after better more qualified leads into your web site.? Does your web site generate small numbers of enquiries and your business can handle much more.?

A web site that is working well makes money for you - a web site that doesn't get returns gets to be unloved - unsupported and eventually turned off.

Turning your web site from a cost center to a profit center ensures that you will embrace the changing internet web space and continue to test & measure and evolve the web site to achieve even better results.

Getting targeted customers to your web site is as easy as using Google Adwords to display your targeted sales and link to people using Google to search for stuff.

Adwords work by signing up at www.Google.com/Adwords and then adding details of the advertisement you'd like to run, the web page where customers will be directed and the key words that you want to be found under.

There are two main options to pay for the ads - either Prepay (load a credit into your account and as ads are clicked on - the amount gets debited) or Post pay (where your credit card gets debited for each transaction).

We suggest the Pre Pay option is best to manage your spend in the early stages.

The best thing with Google Adwords is that you can target the key words as well as the geographical base of the person doing the search.

This doesn't break down into separate NZ regions but only to NZ based connections to the web - if you wanted to only talk with Rotorua based customers then use the word "Rotorua" in your key word selection.

Test and measure the results of the traffic to your web site - and ensure that the "landing page" that people get directed to has suitable "calls to action" to ensure that people really do buy from you

The E-C Toolset allows you unlimited pages so you can craft a unique "landing page" for each targeted customer group.

This is a great way to separate your products or services if talking about them in a single section has been difficult.

We can also manage your campaigns for you - or can simply, advise you on the approach under an hourly rate.

This paying for traffic mechanism really does work - one client has so far spent $300 on Adwords and has turned that into $5000 of extra sales.!

Contact the team at E-C if you would need a refresher on how to add pages to your web site.

End Feature Article

Bonus Tool

http://www.fotoflexer.com/ is a great photo editing tool that has all the bells and whistles of something like Photoshop - but is free and works through your web browser.

Sure it takes time to copy images up and down to your pc but the tools are very easy to use and ideal for retouching, resizing or cropping your photos.

Look out for:- We'll be launching a new e-community portal for our customers where I'll post new article content as well as useful links, eBooks and ultimately training videos too.

Free Gift

Here's a great book about Adwords - one of the better ones I've found you can download it from the links at top right of www.RussellSays.com

That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the e-c toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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