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ec Newsletter #69

ec Newsletter #68


Greetings from a very sunny Gisborne and welcome to a new EC Newsletter.

We hope it's been as warm where you are as here - it's been a great start to the winter.

Welcome to new subscribers on the mailing list - I hope you get some great ideas for your web projects from these newsletters - don't forget to forward them to your friends.

The past Newsletters can be found here; our contact details are below as is the unsubscribe information at the bottom.

When did you last do a Brand Audit…?

Your brand is very important online – we would all like to think that when people see our brand they immediately recognise it and the positive values that it represents.

With the many web based tools available to business now – are you sure all of the platforms have the correct information…?

Here are few steps to make sure that your brand is current in all of the places it is displayed.

Having an out of date logo or even worse out of date opening hours or contact numbers can effect how many sales enquiries you receive.

Out of date information can also send the wrong signals to potential and existing customer about the quality and commitment that you have to your products or services.

Having many professional looking web based sources of information is the ideal – so that your business can be found by potential customers as they use the various social media tools – and also in searches for your product or services.

The more places that you information can be found then logic tells us the better change of getting leads into the business that convert to raving fans and ongoing customers.

There are many tools and ways to use them to undertake a brand audit:-

1) Start with a search engine – Google is really good for searching your brand name, company name or product range.

Look for the various third party web listing web sites such as Finda, UBD, Google Places as well as social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Blogger.

On each platform that you find – check your contact details are correct too.

Bonus idea…!

Create a Google document (or a Google folder) that has your business details in it and the current copies of your logos or brands. When someone requests that information such as a graphic designer or other marketer you can simply share the Google document with them and they have your correct information.

2) Use the image search in Google to search for variations on your logo or brand that may not have been changed with the last upgrade.

Once you have found your brand – click the image in the search results and choose “Similar” to find any slight variations on your logo.

3) Don’t forget to view your own web site every so often too and ensure that the logos and current information is correct.

Make sure that staff members are current and that your product or service lists still contain enough information for people to make a buying decision.

4) Review your customers, agents or suppliers web sites and social media tools – are they currently using the correct brands and contact details. It’s always a good idea to watch these third party web sites for any breach of branding or incorrect information.

5) Set up or review your Google Alerts so you can be informed when people link to your web site – or mention you in blogs or other social media tools.

6) One place that some of our customers have forgotten to check within the PDF files that you have available on your web site.

Editing pages or changing logos on a web site is easy with the EC Toolset. We create web site looks that often have the logo separate from any other element in the design just so it can be changed quickly and easily.

Let us know if you have a new logo or brand and need it changed on your web site and please contact us with feedback about this newsletter…

Bonus Tool: www.wordle.net

Word clouds are my favourite way of seeing how important various words are from a blog, a document or a web site.

Use this great tool for your own use and save the resultant word cloud for use on your web site, in presentations or in your newsletter.

Here’s a word cloud for the contents of this newsletter:-

Have you seen the E-C Help section lately...?

It is available at www.e-c.co.nz/help/

We've also archived these newsletters at www.e-c.co.nz/news/

That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the ec toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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