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ec Newslstter #63

ec Newsletter #63

Greetings from a not so sunny Gisborne and welcome to a new EC Newsletter.

Welcome to new subscribers on the mailing list - I hope you get some great ideas for your web projects from these newsletters - don't forget to forward them to your friends.

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Making 2011 your best ever…!

Getting back to work from a long break can be rather hard – especially if family members are still in holiday mode…

Let’s look at some ways to cope better with getting back into the groove.

Feeling disorientated when you first arrive back at work is common – as is just falling back into the same old groove and rapidly feeling like you haven’t been away at all…!

Making a couple of simple strategies early on when you get back can reap some great rewards – and help to focus your “working on the business” rather then the “working in your business” time & efforts.

The first step is to make some kind of change to your physical space – if you left your desk untidy – tidy it first thing, if the pot plants are looking sad – go out and buy some new ones (the local garden centres will really thank you too…!) or make a change to how your desk is positioned in the room.

The idea here is to actually create real physical change to ensure that your environment reflects the new start of the new year.

The next steps are to ensure that technology is still your friend – with all those emails in your in box – create folders for important customers or projects and move entire conversations to the new folders, set up email rules so that new emails will go into the folders without you having to think about them.

I went through my emails that were waiting for attention and used the “Set Flag” option in the list of emails to mark the ones that needed urgent attention (which I’ve already seen too…!) and then using different colours for the ones I’ll get to for the rest of this week.

Set up Google Alerts (www.Google.com/alerts/) with any new Authors you’ve found or hobbies / business interests that have happened over the break so that you can easily follow what they have to say.

Search for and add those people that you meet while on holiday on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs – and send a quick email or post a “Great to meet you” on their wall.

While it’s still relatively quiet make the decision to add some break out time to your Outlook calendar for each week – or schedule some “Social Media” tweaking time – or time to work on your web site using the content management system to maintain and update the information on your web site.

Now is also a great time to refresh your standard documentation too – is it still relevant…? Has it been updated for the New Year…?

When you write the next quotation spend a short while to review the words used – I’m sure there’s a better way of saying things that you’ll only notice when you are fresh from the break…

With time off – also comes a wee amount of memory loss – so don’t beat yourself up about that – we’re here to help you with updating your web site.

Our 2011 dates / times for our free help webinars are available to register now at www.ec2.co.nz/help/webinars.asp

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That's it for now - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter - and of the ec toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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