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ec Newsletter #59

ec Newsletter #59


Greetings from a great sunny Gisborne and welcome to a new EC Newsletter.

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How to Manage Paid Traffic

Owning a small business these days means that you have lots of different calls for you to spend money – especially when it comes to promoting your online web site.

Knowing which of the many options to choose (if any) is a difficult task as they all sound great when talking with their sales staff – well they would say that wouldn’t they…!

You could spend many thousands of dollars on promoting your web site online or offline and you can find many search engine experts to charge you for getting you’re your web site higher in search engines…

But how do you know the good from the bad to the downright ugly…?

Having some tools in place to be able to measure the effectiveness of any paid activity such as this is a must – fortunately Google has continued to improve the Google Analytics reporting tool and Google Webmaster Tools just for this use.

I can’t believe there are still web designers that don’t use these tools for their clients – in today’s world the tools are a must have for any web project.

The tools are easy to install (the EC Toolset has a place to cut and paste the required code) and once installed the reports give you great clarity on what is happening within your web site – but more importantly can tell you how people are arriving at your web site.

Use the reports within Google Analytics to see how much traffic is coming from the web sites that you list with – these could be sites like Yellow Pages, AA Guides, Jason’s Online or UBD and membership sites such as your local Chamber of Commerce.

Comparing the price you pay monthly with the traffic that you are receiving monthly gives you some very real data to work out if you are getting value for your money.

If in doubt – ask a potential provider to give you the first month free – and even if you then agree to keep going with the arrangement you have the tools in place to manage the traffic over time.

And if you engage a search engine optimisation expert – ask to speak to an existing customer within your same industry and also ask them what measurement tools they have to put into place to measure how they have preformed for you.

Let us know if you’d like more information about how the tools work – we’ll be having the next online webinar on Tuesday 26th October at 9:30am and we’ll be covering Google Analytics and what the key reports are telling you…

Register here - www.ectoolset.com/help/webinars.asp

And more information can be found at the links below: -





Bonus Tool:

I made the change to an Android phone from my trusty Telecom provided smart phone and so with many many years with Telecom – this meant I also changed to Vodafone as a provider…

The process was seamless, very easy and I’m really enjoying the various new Android Apps that are available for the phone – see the link below for some great lists of Android Apps…


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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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