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ec Newsletter #61

ec Newsletter #61


Greetings from a hot and sunny Gisborne and welcome to a new EC Newsletter.

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Blog Basics

A Blog isn’t a “cure-all” for your web site woes – but it does provide several great benefits to your online marketing.

Getting listed near the top in search engines is still a difficult thing to achieve with all the different phrases that people may use to find you – a Blog can help with that.

Having enough stories (case studies) about the benefits that your customers have found with using you products and services is a great way to build trust with a potential new customer – a Blog can help with that.

Positioning yourself as an expert by providing great links to interesting information or by creating thought provoking content is a great strategy to build up the number of people that could use your products or services – a Blog can help with that too.

Having an online profit centre rather then a cost centre is still the goal for many businesses around the world – a Blog can help with that aspect as well.

Google recently indicated that it considers a “small” web site to be one that has less then 50 pages – many New Zealand web site are much smaller then this – a Blog can help increase the number of pages that you control.

Having lots of content about your products and services means better search engine rankings – and the more Blog posts that you create would also increase the use of different words when describing the products and services – so this helps too.

Most Blog platforms allow you to create a Blog post now – but then release it into the future so that allows you to create more than one Blog post at a time and keep them as Drafts or post them later.
When you create a Blog post about a particular Product or Service and how it has benefited your customer – add a link back to the page on your web site that talk about that product or service.

This is a great way to get more prominence in search engines.

Blog posts are also about appearing more human – then your business only web site. Blogs are a place for you to talk about you and your staffs outside interests.

This helps build up relationships with existing and potential customers as people like to do business with people that they like.

As to finding content for your Blog – here’s some ideas from a Newsletter I posted a little while ago: -

“Every so often you’ll feel drained of ideas for blog content – so here’s a great list of things that you could blog about: -

  • Your views on current affairs – within your region or within your industry – answer this question - what is happening that is important to you…?
  • Summarise the latest research within your own organisation or within your industry – what changes are on the horizon that your customers may need to know…?
  • Share stories from your life – how did you get where you are today – who helped you or inspired you…?
  • Rant – what upsets you – and why…!
    Review a great book / article / web site that you just read – why was it good…?
  • Announce something new – every business changes – what’s new with you this week…?
  • Profile a client – who is your number one fan…? Who can you help…?
  • Answer a frequently asked question about your products or services – what is the number one misunderstood element to making the best of your company products or services…?
  • Recommend a web site that you follow regularly and let people know why you think it’s good
  • And lastly – and only every so often – review a product or service of your companies…

And finally use Blog posts to ask your visitors what their opinions are about the various topics you post on – and ensure that all the comments are moderated so that you get to view them before deciding to make them live.

Let us know if you would like help in setting up a Blog and getting some great results with you online marketing…

Bonus Tool:


Lots of people are talking about doing more work in “the cloud” and this service is one of the better backup up services that I have found.

Even the free account gives you a large amount of space for you backups so there’s no excuse now to save your valuable information.

I’d suggest copying up to the backup your important documents as well as the backup files for your accounting program

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Cheers and thanks again

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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