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ec Newsletter #81

ec Newsletter #81

Hello and compliments of the season

Greetings from a warm and mainly dry Gisborne and welcome to the last EC Newsletter for 2011.

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Looking back and looking ahead for 2012

It’s nearly the end of year – wow has that come fast for you too…?

Here’s a random look back and few ideas for you to ponder over the break…

Our little corner of NZ seemed to miss a lot of the negativity accompanying the global downturn – but it also depends on the industry that you are in and your financial position as well.

We have customers and friends that have never been busier and know of a couple of businesses that are also hurting.

The Rugby World Cup seemed to go well for many of our customers – although domestic travel was very quiet outside the cup events themselves.

Add in the election and the end of the year will be greeted with relief from me – and many others – I’m really looking forward to not thinking about much business for a week or two.

In the technology world – Google stopped a couple of “experiments” (Wave, Buzz and Labs) and we saw TradeMe launch on the NZ Stock Exchange.

On the social media front – we’ve seen lots of companies embrace Facebook and a few of our customers have started up blogs to communicate better with their customers and position themselves as experts.

New toys – sorry – tools – that we have seen is a larger uptake of smart phone use with bigger screens and the rise of the tablet computer.

This will continue to rise especially toward 31 July 2012 when Telecom turns off their “old” CDMA network and forces all users to switch to XT.

In our household that’s two phones – so plans are being hatched for an upgrade to “smarter” phones for those older non-smart phones.

Tablets (and ebook readers such as the Kindle) will continue to grow in use and market penetration – and most of the higher end of these products can also surf the web.

Be prepared to change how you access web based information – and be aware of the change in how your customers will interact with your business in the coming year.

We see in some of our customers web statistics over 15% non-pc or non-laptop visitors with a constant trend upwards.

Watch for our new web sites to come complete with mobile device support enabled “out of the box”.

And to the future – expect to see more social responsibility with more web sites taking direct action such as: -

http://www.freerice.com/ which encourages you to answer questions and they will donate rice on your behalf

http://www.kiva.com/ which allow “First-World” residents to fund third world entrepreneurs with mini-payments to get them started in self employment

And a new web site that you can use to find backing for your own projects is http://www.rockthepost.com/ You can also use the site to find projects to invest your time or your money in as an angel investor for other people with great ideas

If you would like to use the time off from work to learn new things then check out http://www.khanacademy.org/ this has fantastic free courses under all sorts of topics

We hope your Christmas goes well for you and your families and hope that 2012 is your best year ever…

That's it for now - we'll be back with another newsletter nest year - please do let us know what you think of the newsletter and of the ec toolset and thanks for your business...!

Cheers and Marry Christmas
Rus and the EC Team

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Posted: Tuesday 27 March 2018

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