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Welcome to the e-c Hints and Tips page

On this page you will find a list of hints and tips that we and our users have found...

  • Before you start
    Always plan your site on paper or white board before using the e-c tool to create the pages
    This lets you plan how the pages will look and make sure they "flow" with the web visitor in mind

  • Backups
    Have an area on your pc or network for all your web files
    Keep all the graphics together that you use on the site in a directory separate from but close to the source files that you used to create the site.

  • Test test and test again
    It's easy to open two windows so that you can see the public side of the web site and also have the editor open in another window. to do this - Click on the "View" button in the editor to open a new window.

  • Size is everything
    Optimise any images before uploading them by using a graphics program to resize the image to the approximate site of the required size in the page. Use the jpg optimisation method to reduce the file size in photos. Make sure that web images are 72 DPI (Dots per inch) not 150 or 300 DPI. See www.webmonkey.com for some great graphics tips.

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